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Neon Joystick

The Throwback Update!

Hey there, beat riders! We put out an update for Neon Beat Rider almost a week ago. It’s the Throwback Update, with some new pieces of retro-inspired content!

Alongside bugfixes and minor improvements, we added two new ships, a bundle of new ship colours, and a new level to race through! We hope to keep putting out small updates every few weeks.

See you soon!

Neon Joystick: What’s coming soon?

Hello there, beat riders! We’ve got a few things to announce in the coming weeks, including:

  • An update for Neon Beat Rider that fixes bugs, adds new content, and makes some QOL changes.
  • An overhaul of our social media channels to reflect us as a developer, rather than just our first game.
  • A new project…?

Keep an eye on our social media channels, and let us know what else you’d like to see in the game!


We released Neon Beat Rider!

After a lot of work, a few overhauls, and the other disruptions of 2020, we finally released Neon Beat Rider onto Steam and! We plan on continuing support for the game with new skins, bug fixes, and potentially the addition of new features. Keep an eye on us for more information on what’s coming next!


Welcome to our website!

We’ll be putting information about our projects as we develop them. Follow us here if you want to hear everything about our games, including new content and future release dates!